An automotive emergency always seems to happen when you least expect it. Knowing when to seek immediate help from a professional auto repair service, however, can be a crucial step in getting your vehicle back on the road quickly. While you might be able to fix minor automotive problems on your own, there are some instances when it's best to call a skilled mechanic for assistance. Below you will find a checklist of a few critical times to call an auto repair service.

1) Sudden Breakdowns

Whether your car breaks down without warning in the middle of a busy highway or on a quiet road in a remote area, the experience can be overwhelming. Calling a professional auto repair service in this scenario will help relieve your stress and swiftly rescue you from a potentially hazardous situation. Experienced auto repair mechanics will bring the proper tools and equipment to easily identify the root cause of the breakdown. In addition, auto repair services can make the determination if your vehicle should be towed to a different location for further diagnostics or if repairs can be made on-site. From a dead battery to a malfunctioning ignition system, an auto repair service will be able to pinpoint and fix the issue to get your vehicle operational again. 

2) Malfunctioning Brakes

At the first sign of trouble with your brakes, it's important to contact an auto repair service right away since bad brakes can significantly compromise your safety. Symptoms of malfunctioning brakes include unusual noises, a burning smell, and a spongy feel or a delayed response when you press the pedal. Trained auto repair mechanics are well-versed in brake systems and how to repair faulty components such as a leaky brake line, worn brake pads, or a damaged master cylinder. Professional mechanics will also perform a rigorous inspection of your vehicle to ensure that the problem with your brakes is fully rectified before you get behind the wheel again. With the ability to obtain the highest quality replacement parts, an auto repair service can restore the functionality of your brakes in no time. 

3) Engine Troubles

There are several clear signs that your vehicle is experiencing engine troubles. Overheating, excessive exhaust smoke, rattling noises, and an unexpected loss of power are indicators of engine failure. Engines can be complicated to fix, so it's vital to employ the specialized expertise of professional auto repair services to work with your engine. If you attempt to repair your engine by yourself, you risk causing additional damage. This is because skilled technicians use the right diagnostic tools and methods to accurately reveal the underlying issue, whether it's a problem with a belt, fuel pump, or sensor. Don't hesitate to reach out to an auto repair service to receive immediate help with a faulty engine.

An automotive emergency doesn't need to be a challenging undertaking, especially when a professional auto repair service is ready to help. If you experience a sudden breakdown, malfunctioning brake system, or damaged engine, call an auto repair mechanic as soon as possible.