The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most important moving parts in your vehicle. It is what actually moves your vehicle. When you put your vehicle in drive, the transmission will then engage your vehicle, allowing it to move. It will move through the gears, allowing your vehicle to move faster and faster, and then slower and slower as needed. Without a transmission, your vehicle is not going to move. It's important to pay attention to transmission issues and concerns before these issues become major problems for your vehicle. Read on for some transmission issues to keep an eye out for.

1. Difficulty Moving Through Gears

If you notice there is difficulty moving through the gears on your vehicle, like your vehicle feels like it is lurching when it changes gears, it could be a sign of an issue with your transmission. Your gears should flow through the gears without you really feeling anything at all. If you can feel your vehicle moving through the gears, or your vehicle feels like it's having a difficult time changing gears, you need to have your transmission looked at and repaired as needed. 

2. Your Vehicle Is Making Sounds

If you are hearing grinding noises when your vehicle moves through the gears, it could be another sign of a transmission issue. The gears may be grinding against one another and are not properly lubricated any longer. This can occur over time when your vehicle is not properly maintained. You need to have your transmission fluid replaced throughout the lifetime of your vehicle, and you should have it lubricated as well. If you hear these noises, take your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs.

3. Your Vehicle Isn't Moving

If you tried to put your vehicle in "Drive" and it isn't moving, you may be too late and your vehicle not only has an issue, but your vehicle's transmission may need to be replaced at this point. Your vehicle should be towed to a mechanic and have your transmission replaced or repaired.

You need to pay attention to the signs of a transmission issue in your vehicle and know what signs to look out for. Any signs of an issue in your vehicle should be brought up to a mechanic and have it repaired as needed to prevent worsening the issue and to prevent causing other issues for your vehicle. For more information on when to seek transmission repair, contact a professional near you.