It's hard to match what a diesel engine can do in terms of power, which is why a lot of truck owners actively seek this engine type. If you're lucky enough to have one of your own, protect this part with the following maintenance steps. 

Don't Let Oil Leaks Continue

Thanks to engine oil, you can effectively keep this engine lubricated while it runs, but the oil needs to stay in its assigned reservoir. If it ever leaks out, then you have to respond as quickly as possible. Then not only can you avoid getting oil all over the place, but you can also safeguard your diesel engine from overheating.

The best way to identify an oil leak is to fully inspect the diesel engine from time to time. If the leak is bad, it should be apparent where the oil is getting out. Then you can identify the relevant component that needs to be worked on by a diesel engine mechanic. 

Understand the Makeup of Your Diesel Engine 

If you take the time to understand the exact makeup of your diesel engine, you'll have more success with maintaining this powerful engine. You'll know what parts to inspect and how to service them at the appropriate intervals.

Just make sure you account for your diesel engine's specific makeup because it will be different compared to engines of different makes and brands. You might look at diagrams until you can competently pick out each major component, including the air inlet, piston rings, glow plug, oil pan, and camshaft. Then you shouldn't struggle to perform inspections and basic repairs. 

Take Engine in for Complete Diagnostic Assessments

So that you can thoroughly check over your diesel engine at the right intervals, you'll want to partner up with an auto shop that's capable of completing diagnostic assessments. They will check each major part of your diesel engine to make sure nothing bad is happening or will happen in the foreseeable future.

Then a diesel mechanic will come back with results showing what they found. You'll know if you can continue using your diesel engine like normal or if some adjustments are appropriate based on the condition and performance of this part. 

The best way to keep a diesel engine performing great is to perform routine maintenance steps. You just need to focus on key components and perform impactful maintenance steps before any major problems are able to occur. 

Contact a local auto shop to learn more about diesel engines, including the Cummins 6.7 engine.