Tire damage can be one of the most frustrating and disheartening situations for any vehicle owner to experience, especially on relatively new tires. Many road hazards can cause tires to lose air; some are severe enough to force you to buy a replacement. With the high cost of new tires, purchasing a replacement for a tire with plenty of remaining tread can be a tough financial pill to swallow.

Fortunately, it's possible to repair many tire punctures safely, but what happens when you have more than one hole in your tire? This situation can occur for many reasons, including driving over discarded construction debris or ignoring a minor leak for long enough that you pick up even more damage. Whatever the case, these three tips will help you minimize your risk for multiple unrepairable punctures. 

1. Never Ignore Air Leaks

The best way to avoid a situation where you have multiple unrepairable leaks on your tire is not to allow your tire to suffer multiple unaddressed punctures in the first place. If you notice your tire losing air, don't wait to have a tire shop take a look. Small punctures may initially only cause relatively small air leaks, so it may seem like you can continue driving on the tire safely.

In reality, driving on a puncture will often make the damage worse. When evaluating a tire for repair, technicians will look at the size, number, and location of punctures on your tire. Allowing one leak to get worse over time can make your tire unrepairable should you pick up more damage in the future. Getting the problem fixed right away will help you avoid this situation and save money.

2. Don't Attempt DIY Fixes

The tire repair kits you can find in automotive stores can serve a valuable purpose, but they're not what you might expect. These kits work well in emergencies where you must get your car home after a puncture, but they aren't permanent fixes. In fact, using one of these kits on your tire will typically make it ineligible for a professional repair.

If you want to salvage your damaged tire, don't attempt a do-it-yourself fix. Instead, contact a tire repair shop as soon as you notice your tire is losing air. This approach is especially important with multiple punctures since you won't be able to tell if the punctures are too close together or otherwise unsafe to repair.

3. Never Drive on a Flat Tire

Driving on a flat tire will ruin the internal structure of the tire and destroy the tire in shockingly short order. You're likely to do unrecoverable damage with multiple punctures by moving the car even a very short distance. If you suspect your tire has more than one leak, don't risk driving on the tire for long enough to allow the air pressure to fall to dangerously low levels.

While it might seem frustrating to call a tow truck for an air leak, the cost of roadside assistance will be much cheaper than the cost of a new tire. Taking this precaution will give you the best chance of keeping your tire healthy enough for a professional shop to repair all of the damage.

Contact a local auto shop to learn more about tire repair