As a vehicle owner, you know your vehicle tires have a lifespan. Perhaps the only challenge is distinguishing whether they need repair or replacement after a puncture. If you are dealing with a punctured tire that needs repair, you need to seek the help of an experienced auto repair expert. Such professionals will carefully examine the tire damage before advising you on the need for repairs. For the success of your tire puncture repairs, there are several things you should know. 

Tire Replacement Is Inevitable If You Have Greater Damage

There's no doubt that tire repair is a cost-effective way to ensure that the tire serves you a long time. However, there are instances where it may not be an ideal option. For example, repairs may not be perfect if the tire has a big hole because such damage puts your tire at risk of bursting in case of improper patching. If you experience such damage and the tire treads have begun to wear, the best option will be to replace your tire.

Repairs Are Only Possible For the Area Around the Tread

When it comes to puncture repairs, the professionals will carefully review the section where your puncture is. For effective tire repair, the damage should be within the tread area. If the puncture extends to the side of the tire or along the tire's edge, you should consider replacing it. Remember that damage within the tread area shouldn't be more than a quarter-inch in diameter for safe repairs.

Assessment Should Be Done by Removing Tire From the Rim

Some car owners believe that tire damage assessment should only be done by looking at airspeed from a filled tire. While this may be helpful, it's not enough. Before starting repairs, professionals will remove the tire from the rim to help inspect the damage from all angles.

You Cannot Patch a Patched Area in case of damage

If your car tire was patched after a tire puncture, you cannot patch an already patched area. This safety precaution ensures you don't face issues down the road. The problem with patching a patch is that you'll compromise the tire's integrity. The slightest damage to the new patch can cause your tire to burst. In such a case, the best step is to opt for tire replacement.

Car tire plays a crucial role in the effective operation of your car. If it experiences any damage, you should address it quickly. This guide has shared important things to remember when repairing a puncture.

For more information, contact an auto repair service in your area.