Chips from flying rocks can be a common source of exterior damage to a vehicle. Unfortunately, people may not have an accurate understanding of the causes, threats, and repair options for this type of car damage.

Myth: Stone Chip Damage Is Only A Threat To The Windshield

The windshield of your car can suffer some of the most noticeable damage from rock chips. These chips can weaken the glass and obstruct your view. However, the windshield is not the only part of the vehicle that can suffer this type of damage. For example, you could also find that the exterior paint of the vehicle could suffer this type of harm as well. If the paint were to develop a chip, it could expose the vehicle to a risk of corrosion developing. Unfortunately, car owners will often overlook the importance of repairing stone chips to their car's exterior paint, but a quick inspection when you are cleaning the exterior can help you find this damage so the necessary repairs can be scheduled.

Myth: Repairing Stone Chips Will Always Leave Noticeable Marks

While stone chips can leave noticeable marks on the exterior of your vehicle, the repairs that are used are likely to be discrete if they are completed by professionals. When a stone chip to auto glass is being repaired, a clear sealant will be applied that can close the opening and reinforce the glass. Once this sealant has fully dried, it should be clear enough so that it will barely be noticeable. When repairing chipped paint, the patch will need to be matched to the exterior color of the car. Fortunately, a professional auto body repair service will be able to easily match the color of your car to the paint patch to ensure the results are seamless.

Myth: It Is Not Possible To Mitigate The Risk Of Rock Chips

Rock chips can be an inconvenient problem to need to have repaired, and they can also be costly to correct. Luckily, there are a couple of steps that you can use to reduce the risk of your car's exterior paint suffering a rock chip. The most effective way of mitigating this risk is with a vinyl coating. Another solution can be a ceramic coating to the exterior. This will not be as effective as vinyl, but it can still provide substantial protection against chipping from small stones and other items that may hit the exterior. To be effective, both of these coatings will have to fully cover the exterior while also being properly bonded to the exterior, and this can make the nominal fees charged by auto body services to apply these coatings a good investment.

For more information about stone chip repair, contact a local auto shop.