There is a lot of variety when it comes to enclosed trailers. If you need to purchase an enclosed trailer, you will want to think carefully about what features you need to meet your trucking and transportation needs.

Door Style

First, you need to consider how you will be using the trailer, as that will impact the door style you need. For example, if you have equipment you want to drive up into the trailer or other heavy items you will be transporting, you will want to go with ramp doors.

If you are not loading equipment into the trailer with wheels, you may want to go with barn-style doors. Barn-style doors work well in tight spaces, as you don't need as much space to open barn-style doors as you need with ramp-style doors.


Second, you will want to consider what type of fasteners you want the trailer to have. More basic trailers have visible screws in the trailer, so if you want to save some money, go with a trailer with screws. Screws also make it easier to replace sheets and parts when they get damaged.

If you want a professional and sleek-looking trailer, you will want to go with a screwless trailer. Screwless trailers have a more polished look, and if you want to put a graphic on your trailer, it is easier to do with a screwless trailer design. However, screwless trailers are more expensive.

Roof Style

Third, you need to consider what style of roof you want on your trailer. You can go with a flat roof, with will provide you with a lower interior ceiling. Or you can go with a round roof, which will provide you with additional headroom. Additionally, a rounded roof will allow the snow to just fall off if you live somewhere with snow. With a flat roof, you will have to brush the snow off, which can be challenging.

Trailer Height

Fourth, you need to consider what type of trailer height you want. This is how far off the ground the trailer is. You can get a lowered trailer, a standard height trailer, or an extra tall trailer. Ideally, you want the height of the trailer to match the height of the truck. When the height of the truck and trailer match, you will experience less drag when you drive, and you will get better gas mileage when you are pulling the trailer.

Nose Shape

Fifth, you need to consider what nose shape you want. You can go with a flat nose or a v-nose-shaped trailer. A v-nose trailer will offer your slightly better handling. There is not much difference in gas mileage between a flat nose and a v-nose trailer, although a v-nose trailer may have a slight edge, but not that noticeably.

When purchasing an enclosed trailer, you need to consider exactly how you want the trailer to be shaped to fit your hauling and budget needs.