The holidays are made up of dozens of festive and exciting events all month long. To celebrate, you can get tickets to a traveling show, like Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables. Kids' events often include breakfasts or brunches with Santa, the Grinch at amazing venues, and showings of The Nutcracker Ballet. Choral and orchestral shows are very popular as well. The big question is, where are people going to park their cars for these events? Here are several reasons why you should consider using an event valet parking service this holiday season. 

Event-Goers Are Worried About Arriving on Time

The biggest reason for offering valet parking is so that guests can put their nerves to rest about finding a parking spot. Having someone else find a spot will make it so they can get inside for the event on time. Arriving on time for anything during the holidays is extremely important. You do not want to be late and risk losing your seats, or not finding a good place to sit at all. These worries weigh heavy on guests' minds, but knowing that a well-managed group of valets are going to park their cars and make sure the cars are safe, puts their minds at ease so they can enjoy the show or event. 

Valet Managers Keep Things Well-Coordinated

Keys are not lost, names are taken and matched to the correct cars, and everything remains organized. Valet managers are on top of things, and they make sure that every owner, every set of keys, every car, every license plate, and every parking spot are noted so that nothing is lost or misplaced. If you have a bunch of valets running around and not taking notes about people, cars, keys, plates, and spots/lots, then you may have a few more parking mishaps to apologize for when the event ends. 

Holiday Shows and Connected Parking Are Packed

Guests should not have to park their vehicles twelve blocks away and walk to an event in their finery. Valet managers make sure that cars are parked much closer, and that guests do not have to walk further than the curb to the venue door. These managers know exactly where to send the valets so that the cars do not receive parking tickets, have to pay extra for parking, or end up with fines. Guests are not inconvenienced in any way when these holiday shows and nearest parking lots are packed. 

Consider hiring a event valet parking service for your next event.