If your transmission overheats, see an auto mechanic . Like engines, transmissions can overheat if something goes wrong with them. If you don't diagnose and solve the issue quickly, your car could stop working permanently. Learn why your transmission overheats and how a mechanic can help cool it down below.

Why Does Your Transmission Overheat All the Time?

In order to change or shift gears properly, you must have a working transmission in your car. To accomplish these feats, your transmission must contain a certain amount of fluid. If the fluid runs low, thickens, or turns bad, the transmission will dry out and overheat. 

Bad sensors can also make your transmission overheat. Sensors tell the transmission when to shift or change gears while the car is driving. The sensors usually do this by detecting the car's speed. If the sensors experience a delay in timing or malfunction, they can't tell the transmission when to change gears. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the transmission. 

The issues mentioned previously are just a few things that can make your transmission overheat. An auto mechanic can diagnose the real cause behind your overheating transmission.

How Do You and a Mechanic Cool Down Your Transmission?

An auto technician will most likely do a few things to cool down your hot transmission, such as checking the car's speed-detecting sensors. A mechanic may also inspect the vehicle's transmission fluid to see if it's too thick, low, or dry. If a technician diagnoses any of these issues, they'll take care of them immediately.

If the above issues aren't the reasons behind your overheating transmission, a mechanic may check other places or parts in your car that could make it overheat. These places may include the engine and radiator. The parts might be cracked or damaged in some way. 

After they solve your transmission's problem, a mechanic may ask you to come back for a follow-up visit to ensure that your car runs properly. If your "check engine light" comes on anytime before your follow-up visit, contact a mechanic shop immediately. There may be other issues to check and repair, such as loose or torn transmission pan gasket. The transmission may also have a leak in it.

You can find out why your transmission overheats and other information about transmission repairs by contacting an auto mechanic or service provider today. You don't want to wait until your car fails to do so.