If you generally enjoy driving, seeing different scenery and having a variable schedule, you could lead a whole new way of life after obtaining a commercial driving license. Unlike cab drivers or even local delivery driver, those with commercial driving licenses are responsible for transporting large amount of freight far distances. You could spent several weeks on the road and then relax at home for an extended time, or work only when you feel like it. First, learn what steps novices have to go through to earn their commercial driving licenses.

Going to Truck Driving School

Remember all the hoops you had to jump through to get your driver's license back in high school? There were the classes that you had to take where you learned the rules of the road and listened to verbal instruction. Then there were the driving lessons that you took in the student vehicle, where you were under the watchful eye of an instructor. Getting a commercial driving license by going to truck driving school is very reminiscent of learning how to drive for the first time, as commercial vehicles are not easy to operate. You will only receive a commercial driving license if you can demonstrate that you have adequate defensive driving skills.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver's License As an Apprentice

Some commercial vehicle drivers spend years as driving assistants and co-pilots, reading maps, unloading trucks, and acting as companions for long distance drivers. If you locate a company that has an opening for apprentices you can certainly earn a commercial driving license after you have earned your keep. Because it generally costs several thousand dollars to complete commercial driving schools, working as an apprentice can be the least expensive way to navigate the road and earn a commercial driver's license.

Going Independent Versus Working Under a Company

Prior to signing up for a truck driving school or agreeing to work as an apprentice, you should know if you are going to be working under a company for a long time or if you are considering going independent. Remember that commercial truck drivers can make more money if they own their own equipment, including trailers, rigs and even flatbed trucks. Working independently as a commercial driver means that you will have more room to create your own flexible, accepting or declining jobs as you see fit. If you work under a commercial trucking company then you are more likely to have benefits including vacation days, but you also will have to work whatever routes you are assigned.