If your mechanic just informed you that the engine is blown on your car, you're probably wondering what you should do. In most cases, you have two choices; you can replace the engine or buy a whole new car. Both options have their benefits. However, here are four reasons why you should choose to replace the engine.

Your Car Is in Sound Condition Otherwise

Just because your engine is blown, it doesn't mean that the rest of your car is in the same condition. Many times when an engine blows, the rest of the car is still in sound condition. If your car is still working well, meaning the other operating systems are still solid, you owe it to yourself to replace the engine. Once the engine is replaced, you'll still have a lot of good years left on your car.

You Want to Save Money

If you're thinking about replacing your car with a brand new model, you might want to rethink that decision. You may enjoy that new car smell, but you're not going to like the new car payment or the increased cost of your insurance and registration. Before you go out and replace your car with a brand new one, you should think about the additional costs you'll be incurring once you do.

Your Present Car Has Emotional Value

If your present car has emotional value, you might not be ready to let go of it just yet. Perhaps it's the first car you ever purchased, or it's just captured a place in your heart. Regardless of the reason, if you're emotionally attached to your car, you might not be ready to send it off to the junkyard right now. If that's the case, it's time to talk to your mechanic about having the engine replaced. Once the engine is replaced, you'll be able to continue driving your treasured car for a few more years.

You Can't Afford to Buy a Whole New Car

If you've priced new cars lately, you know how expensive they can be. Unfortunately, the price of most new cars can be prohibitive. If your budget simply won't cover the cost of a brand new car, replacing the engine in your present car is the next best option. Replacing the engine in your present car will give you enough time to start saving money for a down payment on your next car.

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