If you are doing a car restoration, all original parts are not always possible. Some cars may also be more valuable with customization and features like modern drivetrain that includes fuel injection and features like traction control. You may also want to have features for the electronics system in your car, such as modern colored digital dash displays. Here are some of the best auto improvements to give your car performance and modern features:

1. Modern Fuel Injection and Transmission Controller

The modern car has fuel injection; there are several options for updating your restoration project with fuel injection. If you have a car that has a motor that is still being manufactured, then you can update the car with a factory fuel injection system. The fuel injectors and wiring can come off a salvaged car. You can also do a complete drive train swap with a modern car that is like the model you are restoring. In addition, there are many aftermarket fuel injection systems that are designed for custom performance car restoration projects.

2. Safety and Handling Improvements with Traction Control and Assisted Braking

There are also safety and handling improvements that you may want to consider for your car. Traction control is a great way to add the control needed to grip the road and prevent tire slippage. In addition to traction control systems, there are also assisted braking systems, which can help with different driving conditions and parking. These systems not only help to improve the handling of your car, but they will also help improve safety of your restoration projection.

3. Modern Tuning Chips and Electronic Displays to More Control of Your Car  

Electronics can do a lot for your custom restoration project; they will provide you with a combination of modern comforts, as well as improvements for the performance of your car. First, consider adding a modern digital touchscreen display that can be connected to your audio and video systems, as well as display performance information. To bring your electronics installation full-circle, install a tuning chip that can also be connected to your dash display. Some chips will allow you to set different settings for various driving conditions.

These are some of the best improvements to give your car performance and modern features. If you need help with installation or tuning of parts, contact an auto repair service to help get the modern features of your restoration project just right.