If you have a car that you've had to take into the auto repair shop multiple times this year, but you simply don't have the money to replace it, this article is for you. Roadside towing service becomes a no-brainer when you might break down and have to be towed home many times within a short span of time. 

Why Choose Roadside Towing Packages?

A roadside towing service provides you with a set number of tows per year, or even an unlimited number of tows per year, depending on the service package you select. Even a single tow can cost you over a hundred dollars, and a roadside towing service basic plan is usually less than that. Sure, it's hard to pay out the money preemptively, but if you make the smart move to buy this service, you will probably save yourself money. Possibly, a lot of money. 

Also, sometimes, a towing service can save you from having to go to the auto repair shop at all. Roadside assistance programs may provide fuel delivery, battery jumping, and other simple services for free when they make a service call. If you know that a quick fix will get you back on the road, and you don't want to end up in the auto repair shop again, perhaps a roadside call will be even more beneficial to you. The towing company can also tow you either to your home or auto repair shop, whichever is most convenient at the time. 

What Types of Roadside Services Are There?

There are roadside towing service plans that include a yearly membership. Some of them include a specific number of tows per year, and then after that you pay a reasonable service fee for any additional service calls. There is also roadside assistance available from many auto insurance companies, although, if you need to use the service more than once per year, that can begin to affect your auto history report and drive up your insurance rates. So, if you're in the situation of wanting to get many tows and service calls, it's probably best to go with an unlimited roadside towing service plan. 

Can't I Just Join the Day I Break Down?

Unfortunately, many of these programs will start the next day following sign up. Surely many people would sign up for the plan during a breakdown when they realize that it's cheaper than hiring an independent towing truck. But it's worth it to buy roadside assistance ahead of time. 

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