Your vehicle's transmission is absolutely essential to the working of the car. The transmission works in conjunction with the engine to power the automobile and make it move. Because the transmission is so important to the operation of the vehicle, it's vital for you to make sure that you pay attention to the signs that trouble is on the horizon. Use this information to learn more about how you can tell when your transmission is close to breaking down:

There Is Intense Shaking, Particularly When Switching Gears

One of the telltale signs that your transmission is experiencing some issues can be detected by paying attention to the response you get when you switch gears. Whether your car happens to have a manual or automatic transmission, there will typically be a shaking or grinding action that occurs when you attempt to move into another gear.

For example, you might have a manual transmission that requires you to move the stick into the various gears as you drive. You could be stopped at a red light and are ready to accelerate into another gear, only to find that the car starts to shake in quite an intense manner. You could easily attribute the disturbance to your driving style or maybe even assume that it's a natural part of the aging process of a car. The problem is that if you ignore this it could become more severe, even up to the point where you can't get the vehicle to move at all.

You want to note this type of occurrence and have the car seen by an automotive technician. They'll be able to let you know if the problem is related to your transmission or some other system in your car.

Notice The Color Of The Liquid Beneath Your Vehicle

Although it's relatively normal for there to be some liquid beneath your vehicle after it's been stationary, you want to carefully note the color of the liquid. If you find that there is a bright red liquid under the vehicle, this shouldn't be ignored. It could mean that your transmission is leaking fluid. It may have become punctured in some way so it's vital for you to get this issue resolved right away.

Noting the signs of disrepair is the best way for you to catch a minor transmission problem before it escalates into something quite major. If you notice any of these issues have your transmission inspected by a professional transmission repair service as soon as possible.