You've been in an accident. After the initial hit, you first thought it to check if you're okay, your second thought is what about my car. When the initial accident has been filed and has been reported you realize that with no real damage, you are still stuck with a dented car until your insurance company can pay for repairs. By working with the insurance company and any auto repair store you'll be sure to get the money for a repair. However, to make sure everything is cataloged as damage from the accident one of the first things on your list should be getting your car checked.

Whether you do the initial car check on your own or if you're working with an auto repair mechanic, by writing down all of the damage you give your insurance company another piece of evidence when settling your claim. Checking your car for damages like windshield cracks, clamp marks, and gaps in the car doors can allow you to assess the full damage of the car, keep your insurance from getting any surprises if your car breaks down, and it can even speed up the process of repairs.


After a car accident, the most important thing to check is a windshield. Small cracks are soon going to be big cracks. By looking at both the front and back windshield you will assess the damage by looking for cracks, webbing, or chips that could compromise the entire window if driving at a higher speed or if something else hits your window. After looking over your window, work with any auto repair mechanic and your insurance company so you can see if your car is drivable. 

Clamp Marks

Clamp marks will indicate that your car has been damaged on the frame of the car. This damage should be reported immediately because frame dents can mean major repairs for your car. To check for clamp marks feel all around and under the frame of the car. When you have assessed your damage, work with your insurance company to make sure you have a car that is drivable while yours is being repaired.

Gaps in your doors

When in an accident your car doors can be damaged depending on where the car hits you. When looking over your car, look for gaps between each door and the panel. If your car has gaps from the accident it will have been caused by misalignment and either the panel or the doors will have to be replaced. The gaps can also have spread throughout the car. Take a closer look at the body of the car to look for indents. By placing yourself at a level position look at your cars side from an angle to see if there are any bumps or distorted reflections that indicate damage.

After a car accident, your rush of adrenaline is over and you are back to reality where if your car doesn't work you'll miss out on everything. The importance of getting your car check out and looked over is so you feel more at ease driving your slightly dented car to work every day. The repairs will come with your insurance company and they will be happy you have taken an initiative to look for damages yourself you're satisfied with your newly repaired car.