We have all seen the cars around with the tinted windows but did you ever wonder what the purpose of the window tint really is? There are several reasons that people apply window tint to their cars but the amount of tint and the windows on which you can apply it are limited in some states so be careful and check the lay before you consider doing this.

Protection from the heat

Cars with heavy tint on the glass are more common in southern states because the sun is hotter further south. In some of these states, there is little to no regulation on the tint but in others you can not use a dark tint at all. The dark, nearly black tint on some cars acts as a barrier to the heat from the sun, significantly reducing the temperatures inside the car. The dark color of the tint does a good job of reducing the light through the glass and making it much easier to keep the car cool and comfortable inside.

Production From Sun Damage

The uv rays from the sun can damage the interior of your car and make the leather or vinyl crack and fade prematurely. One way to combat this is to tint the windows in the car with a good tint that blocks uv light. To further combat the problem, use a good quality conditioner on the vinyl and leather to soften it and help keep it from cracking. The leather is more durable the vinyl but both materials should be treated to head off sun damage and cracking.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is a big concern for some people, especially famous people or dignitaries so tinting the car windows is a good way to hide who is riding inside. In many cases, the tint used is so dark that you can't see through it no matter what you do. Along with privacy, this can be part of security measures for the wealthy or the famous clients that ride in limos and town cars tinted this way.

Local Laws

Before you tint the windows on your car, check the state and local laws where you live. While it may be legal to buy the tinting materials, it may not be legal to tint your windows more than a certain percentage. The last thing you want to do is get the windows tinted and have to remove it later because you are in violation. There may be an exception for a limo, a private car service, or for some other reason but check before you go do any tinting to your car.