If your brake lights stay on, it could be a faulty fuse or switch. Brake lights are an in integral part of the automotive system. The brake pedal sends a signal to the switch  when you press, then the switch activates the light. 

Don't drive with faulty brake lights. You may get into an accident, or get a ticket. Here are tips to fix stuck brake lights.

Prepare to Work

You only need a hand wrench or socket wrench, needle-nose pliers or tongs, and goggles. Goggles protect the eyes from debris. Work gloves aren't needed, but you may want to protect you hands from sharp wiring.

Shut off the engine, and let it cool, if needed. Open the hood, and prop it.

Disconnect the battery to avoid shock. The battery is a black box with wires. Check the battery for damage or loose wires. If it looks fine, proceed to disconnect it.

Loosen the negative ground cable on the battery with the wrench. Negative cables should be marked with a minus sign. Slide it off the terminal, and push it to the side of the battery. Leave the positive cable in place.

Check the Brake Light Switch

Look for the brake light switch on the shaft of the brake pedal, and it has a wired pigtail. Try to pop the button by pressing it with your hand while pressing the brake at the same time. Have an assistant to stand behind the vehicle, and watch the light.

If you can't pop the button, or the lights still don't work, the wires may be damaged. Depress the clips on the plastic housing, and disconnect the wiring, but avoid pulling on the wires themselves.

Inspect the wiring for burns and melted plastic. Buy a new brake light switch pigtail, install it,and test the brake lights again.

Inspect Fuses

Vehcle commonly have two fuse boxes. One fuse box holds the fuse for the lights. Refer to your manual to find which one holds the brake light fuse.

Remove the fuse with tongs or pliers. If there is more than one fuse for the brake light, you will need to check each one. 

A working fuse has clear housing. Otherwise, the fuse is damaged. If the housing isn't transparent, check the fuse ends for burning. Buy fuses with the same amperage.

Reconnect the battery and test the brake lights again. If the lights still don't work, or you don't trust your skill, take the vehicle to a repair shop, such as Dualtone Muffler Brake & Alignment.