Once your teen reaches the age of diving, you want to teach them how to drive, as well as everything else they should know to mold them into a responsible driver you can trust on the road. Learn about some of the things you want to make sure you cover with your teen driver by reviewing the information here:

Explain insurance and accident procedures

You want to explain car insurance to your teen. Let them know to always keep their insurance card and their registration in the glove compartment. You also want to explain to them that they will need to exchange insurance and drivers license information with another person if they are involved in a fender bender. In more serious collisions they should have an officer of the law come to the scene to make a report of what has happened.

Explain driving safety and security

Let your teen know that they should lock their vehicle anytime they are going to be away from it. Otherwise, they run the risk of someone stealing from it, stealing the vehicle itself or even hiding in the back seat and putting them in a very unsafe situation.

They should also leave their windows rolled all the way up so they are sealed tightly. Otherwise, people who are looking to break in to the car can use tools, such as a coat hanger, to unlock the car door to get inside. Also educate them on other ways to stay safe like informing them not to pick up hitch hikers and to always park the car under well-lit areas at night.

Explain the dangers of distractions

One of the concerns you should have about a teen driving is they tend to put themselves in the position of being distracted. Let them know they should keep the radio down so they can hear sirens if they are nearby. Also, while it's the law in most places not to text or drive, you may want to convince your teen to keep their cell phone tucked away and on vibrate while driving so they won't even be tempted to answer.

Explain Proper car maintenance

They should be shown how to take care of every one of the fluids in the motor section. They should also be shown step by step how to do such things as jump start the car and change a tire. Explain the warning signs of common problems to them.

A few examples of these include brakes that make a chirping noise, a car that pulls a bit more to one when they are trying to go straight, a grinding sound when trying to start the car, a battery that won't keep a charge when the battery is in good shape and any clunking or thumping movements when driving the car or when putting the care into park or reverse.